Yannick K. Author

Fait le grand écart entre kung fu old school et le rock sous toutes ses formes. Pense que Dieu serait tellement plus crédible (et badass) si c'était Iggy en disciple shaolin maniant aussi bien le nunchaku que la six cordes. En attendant il prêche pour THC.

TRUCKFIGHTERS “V” (Fuzzorama Records 2016)


Oh hey, a new TRUCKFIGHTERS record! Like many other fans, I discovered the band through their 2005 effort Gravity X, which helped putting Europe onto the...

GEEZER “Geezer” (Ripple Music 2016)


GEEZER appeared as a total UFO on my radar, when I came across the NYC trio’s digital single “Long Dull Knife” last year. The kind of...

BRANT BJORK “Tao of The Devil” (Napalm Records 2016)


If the music world had to come to nothing, BRANT BJORK would certainly be one of the last standing… Twenty years after his Kyuss odyssey, the stoner rock...