THE HEAVY CHRONICLES is an independent music website founded in 2010 about all things metal, stoner, doom, rock – basically everything that features loud and killer riffs. Hell yeah, we love it loud and greasy. 

On the THC menu, you’ll find album and live reviews, cool interviews and features, plus a few competitions to the coolest music events throughout the year. THC’s motto? “Food, booze and drugs for your ears”.


Beeho – Founder & editor
Sylvain Golvet – Photographer & writer
Gaël Mathieu – Photographer
Pierre Le Ruyet – Photographer
Jens Wassmuth – Photographer
Katzenjammer – Writer
Thib Milhau – Writer
Aurélien Noyer – Writer
Yannick K. – Writer
Razort – Writer & Illustrator
Pete Green – Writer
Yohann Hay – Writer
Lord Pierro – Writer

You got writing/media skills and want to share your love for the Riff? Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to join the THC team.


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