Dopelord / Weedpecker / Major Kong / Spaceslug “4 Way Split” (2019)

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This is a public service announcement from the Polish National Tourism Office.
You plan to visit Poland? As a proud nation, the Polish are honored that you get to know their history. Yet, our country is not only about splendid national parks, sweet Żubrówka or Pierogi. Our citizens are not only famous trade-unionists (Lech Walesa) or worldwide spiritual ambassadors (John Paul II): indeed, our youth make a fantastic breeding ground for six-string virtuosos. 

There is no way the British or American would have heavy and stoned out music monopoly. These past two years, our beautiful country has offered some of the greatest efforts when it comes to hazy space travel on demand. The Polish flag will flutter over 2019 thanks to a couple of weedians: the aptly-named Dopelord, Weedpecker, Major Kong et Spaceslug. Through our ‘4 Way Split’ brochure — which stunning artwork was designed by Kuba Sokólski — we invite you to discover a sample of what these bands have to offer. A combination of gimmicks and trademark sounds that have made them our torchbearers on the international scene. 

DOPELORD have the honor of opening the ball with their hazy Sabbath-worshipping doom, and a sort of rehash of ‘Children of the Haze’ from their last offering. Brighter, the lazy yet just as fabulous  WEEDPECKER make a minimum effort by offering the bonus track off their third full-length ‘III’, combining aerial part and heavy pummeling. MAJOR KONG play their part as instrumental steelworkers and sci-fi storytellers as expected. However, in Poland we like to save the best till last. Like a followup to the exquisite sounds of ‘Eye The Tide’ SPACESLUG satiate our Icarus desires. Exhilarated by the takeoff, you may burn a few neurons by getting too close from the stars. 

We hope that this appetizer made you want to dig deeper into national treasures that are ‘Children of The Haze’ (discover here), the ‘III’ album (guide available here) or even’Eye The Tide’ (map available here)…

And if you happen to be hungry for more, don’t you worry: our beautiful scene still has a lot to offer with the likes of Sunnata or Belzebong…

Welcome to Poland. There is so much we want to share with you. Come over.

ARTIST: Dopelord / Weedpecker / Major Kong / Spaceslug
ALBUM: ‘4-way split’

RELEASED: 1st February
GENRE: Stoner rock 
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Last modified: 8 February 2019