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Album Review

KAVRILA’s “Rituals 3”: when nihilism flirts with fun.

16 April 2021 • KAVRILA reminds me of the dark and heavy sky of Hamburg by night in Autumn. This feeling...

| 16 April 2021

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Dive into the orchestral post-rock of BRUIT ≤ “The Machine Is Burning And Now Everyone Knows It Could Happen Again”.

12 April 2021 • Unless we take a leap, the planet is engaged in a continuous decline. Our production and...

| 12 April 2021

Album Review

KOMATSU tame their sludge rock on bluesy new album “Rose of Jericho”.

27 March 2021 • Did the Mothersludgers strike again? Komatsu and me, it’s not much of a love story...

| 27 March 2021

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LDDSM get progressive and sidereal on new album “Polaris”.

17 March 2021 • It can be hard for a band to keep moving forward once at the apex of their career. To...

| 17 March 2021

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SPELLJAMMER’s “Abyssal Trip” is the most massive and volcanic doom album of 2021.

26 February 2021 • Space travel is more likely to be mentioned when describing THC-laden music. Just count...

| 26 February 2021

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Israeli rockers METHODS go all-out catchy and muscular on debut album “Parallels”.

9 February 2021 • The season is over but I can’t resist. Let me tell you about a real Christmas tale!...

| 9 February 2021

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SUNNATA runs out of black magic on “Burning in Heaven, Melting on Earth”.

22 January 2021 • With no help, in 100% DIY mode, SUNNATA simply blew our minds with their third album...

| 22 January 2021

Album ReviewChronique

Savage and in-your-face, KILLER BE KILLED give all on “Reluctant Hero”.

18 January 2021 • “Reluctant Hero” is the new sugar candy offered by KILLER BE KILLED just...

| 18 January 2021

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[FOCUS] Five underrated Greek rock bands you need to check out.

10 January 2021 • There is no doubt that that the Greek stoner rock scene is one of the most active, yet...

| 10 January 2021

Album Review


8 January 2021 • Personal challenge : what if I tried to review the side project from Truckfighters...

| 8 January 2021

Album Review

After twenty years, RAGING SPEEDHORN culminate with the blistering “Hard To Kill”.

4 January 2021 • RAGING SPEEDHORN return with their sixth album “Hard To Kill”, and it feels...

| 4 January 2021

Album ReviewChronique

From rock to doom : the coolest albums of 2020.

31 December 2020 • BEEHO’S TOP 5 ALBUMS 1. LORD BUFFALO « Tohu Wa Bohu » (Blues Funeral...

| 31 December 2020

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