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SUNNATA transcend their shamanic doom with “Chasing Shadows”.

8 May 2024 • Music has always been associated with trance. It bridges the gap between the subjectivity...

| 8 May 2024


The future of metal is now: an interview with HOWLING GIANT.

1 May 2024 • While the entire metal community is still reeling from the return of $layer, announced...

| 1 May 2024


PISSED JEANS knocks down monotony with “Half Divorced”.

25 April 2024 • Pissed Jeans have been a staple band of Sub Pop Records since 2007, yet they feel like a...

| 25 April 2024


MELVINS drop a weird noisy 2024 vintage with “Tarantula Heart”.

15 April 2024 • The Melvins are back even though they never really left. What’s new for the 2024...

| 15 April 2024


Will you survive the wild trip of THE COSMIC DEAD’s “Infinite Peaks”?

10 April 2024 • 2024 will be a psychedelic year or won’t be, with every month bringing its share of...

| 10 April 2024


ACID MAMMOTH take no (doom) prisoner with “Supersonic Megafauna Collision”.

2 April 2024 • Acid Mammoth. In less than a decade, they have established themselves as THE Sabbathian...

| 2 April 2024


PYRAMID elevates us with the fine psychedelia of “Beyond Borders of Time”.

28 March 2024 • A trio, three summits for a band called Pyramid. The foundations of this musical triangle...

| 28 March 2024


GREYBORN make stoner rock miracles with new EP “Scars”.

24 March 2024 • Greyborn follows their own path. Avoiding traps and derailing from imposed figures, the...

| 24 March 2024

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Rising French doom trio WITCHORIOUS reveal themselves with a classy debut LP.

3 March 2024 • If there is one genre that is easily stuck in clichés and niche of influences, it has to...

| 3 March 2024


Stoner grunge merchants DISASTROID strike again with “Garden Creatures”.

26 February 2024 • Wanna hear about grunge revival? Hell no. To us, “revival” is a word for...

| 26 February 2024


Stephen Brodsky: “There’s definitely some love for pop-punk in the world of Mutoid Man.”

20 February 2024 • It started as a sunny day in the wine capital. The night that followed in Bordeaux,...

| 20 February 2024


SOMETHING ANIMAL brings chaos on “Bestial Curse Part 1”

19 February 2024 • Back in the days, when it came to chaotic hardcore, French outfits could be counted on...

| 19 February 2024


PREMIERE: Empty Full Space “From The Limbo”

15 February 2024 • For a few years, we’ve been introducing you to the Spinda Records roster, a DIY...

| 15 February 2024


SLIFT take off to the firmament with their masterpiece “Ilion”.

5 February 2024 • The European superstars of psych rock are back. The most exciting band in the scene...

| 5 February 2024


A conversation from outer space with CARLTON MELTON.

11 January 2024 • That’s what festivals are about: getting out of your comfort zone and discovering...

| 11 January 2024

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