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PREMIERE: Black Lung get spooky as hell on “Death Grip” video.

11 May 2022 • They might have stayed under our radar for a while but we’re now crazily...

| 11 May 2022

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Stöner get their feet and riffs dirty on “totally…”.

5 May 2022 • Let’s get things straight: yes, I am fanboying over Nick Oliveri and it is rare for me...

| 5 May 2022

Album ReviewChronique

CROWBAR set things straight on “Zero And Below”.

28 April 2022 • Let’s cut it short, we all know what Crowbar sounds like. They sound like Crowbar,...

| 28 April 2022

In the scene

Bands you can’t miss at DESERTFEST LONDON 2022.

23 April 2022 • The time has cometh! The historical London edition of DESERTFEST is not only a must-go,...

| 23 April 2022

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STEAK return with an LP, a comic book and a movie.

1 April 2022 • I have a deep respect for Steak. And Reece Tee. If some bands remain pillars of the...

| 1 April 2022


ENDTIME is all about 80s sci-fi apocalypse on “Impending Doom”.

25 March 2022 • Oh, the 80s. Its neons, slasher movies, very bad 3D, square-shaped architecture, high...

| 25 March 2022


Hear BLACK LUNG’s compelling new single “Dark Waves”!

23 March 2022 • Today we’re excited to bring you the latest single from Baltimore’s heavy and...

| 23 March 2022


HANGMAN’S CHAIR atteint le firmament avec “A Loner”.

10 March 2022 • Hangman’s Chair, c’est l’éclatante ascension d’un groupe de banlieusards qui...

| 10 March 2022

Album Review

Hazemaze “Blinded by the Wicked”

8 March 2022 • How can you play vintage and Sabbathy music without trying to reinvent the wheel or rip...

| 8 March 2022

Album ReviewChroniqueFeatured

VOID ODYSSEY fills your veins with as much fuzz and doom as can do.

16 February 2022 • Straightforward and effective. While some might see this description as a severe...

| 16 February 2022

Album Review

The Grasshopper Lies Heavy / Woorms: “Various plants and animals under domestication”.

11 February 2022 • The Grasshopper Lies Heavy is such a prolific act in these roaring ’20s. After an...

| 11 February 2022

Album ReviewChroniqueFeatured

From rock to doom: the coolest albums of 2021.

28 January 2022 • TOP 5 – BEEHO 1. Mastodon “Hushed and Grim » (Reprise Records) 2....

| 28 January 2022

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