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LOW FLYING HAWKS turns into a shapeshifting chimera with “Fuyu”.

6 September 2021 • AAL and EHA. We don’t know much more about LOW FLYING HAWKS, so much that we fall...

| 6 September 2021

Album Review

The Grasshopper Lies Heavy “A Cult That Worships A God Of Death”

24 August 2021 • Why should we always complicate things? Why do we keep making our lives harder? Is it due...

| 24 August 2021

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TURNSTILE dust off HxC with “Turnstile Love Connection”.

20 August 2021 • On June 28th, TURNSTILE kicked off the summer with the release of their EP...

| 20 August 2021

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Experience the beauty and suffering of BOSSK’s new album “Migration”.

27 July 2021 • When I hear the word “post-metal”, I feel shivers down my spine. Are we...

| 27 July 2021

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BOSS KELOID give their definition of Prog with “Family The Smiling Thrush”.

19 July 2021 • The word “prog” is very much overused in rock and metal reviews these days,...

| 19 July 2021

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[FOCUS] Six heavy bands from Hamburg you need to check out.

30 June 2021 • “Den Norden sind wir!” We come from the North! No, we’re not talking...

| 30 June 2021


No gods, no masters: we lift the veil on SUNNATA’s doom cult.

28 June 2021 • We wanted to let the dust settle a bit before discussing one of the most anticipated...

| 28 June 2021

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We tell you everything about RED FANG’s new album “Arrows”.

18 June 2021 • In this brand new issue of Red Fang Passion magazine, Iggy put together an exclusive...

| 18 June 2021

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SOMNURI breaks new grounds (and necks) on “Nefarious Wave”.

29 May 2021 • Blues Funeral Recordings is a tasteful label. Of course, when your company name is a...

| 29 May 2021

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GOJIRA urge us to fight for a better world with their seventh album “Fortitude”.

13 May 2021 • When this article will be posted, you will have already read and heard everything about...

| 13 May 2021

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Let’s get serious with THE MELVINS “Working With God”.

9 May 2021 • The Melvins are something else. Too punk to be grunge, too sludge to be heavy rock, and...

| 9 May 2021

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DOMKRAFT just laid the fundamentals of Doom and Sludge for the year 21.

5 May 2021 • Domkraft is the avant garde of a brand new pulse in the grand scheme of all things doom...

| 5 May 2021

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