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Album Review

BATTALIONS glorify old school heavy on “Pure Humber Sludge”.

26 November 2020 • Anyone fancy a catch up session in the shape of a heavy punch in your face and a spit in...

| 26 November 2020

Album ReviewChronique

PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS scoff at pigeonholing with dazzling new “Viscerals” LP.

19 November 2020 • Don’t ask me why, but I always had a thing for albums kicking off with a strong and...

| 19 November 2020


Rip-roaring multi-instrumentalist EVERT SNYMAN goes full-on with “Operation Human Shield” video.

13 November 2020 • One rarely encounters that unique sound that draws you in and alerts your senses…that...

| 13 November 2020

Album ReviewChronique

Go in a trance with QILIN and the epic instrumental stoner rock of “Petrichor”.

11 November 2020 • At a time of the year when sunshine decreases to make way for darkness, when the news...

| 11 November 2020

Album ReviewChroniqueFeatured

King Buzzo and Trevor Dunn go avant-garde with their new acoustic collaboration “Gift of Sacrifice”.

7 November 2020 • King Buzzo is a busy man. When he’s not touring, you can find him recording his...

| 7 November 2020

Album ReviewChronique

Straight from Kansas City, HYBORIAN’s “Volume II” is a sludge-thrash outlet against global slump.

5 November 2020 • Our first encounter with HYBORIAN was two years ago and we only kept a vague memory of...

| 5 November 2020


ACID MESS channel Fuzz and Hawkwind with their Wonderland-bound new album “Sangre de otros mundos”.

4 November 2020 • After they presented their furiously rock’n’roll video for “Fuego al...

| 4 November 2020


ELEPHANT TREE’s Jack Townley about growing out of the stoner scene, working with Riley McIntyre and real life struggles.

2 November 2020 • “Habits” has been one of the greatest surprises of early 2020, helping us...

| 2 November 2020


Yawning Man unveil the desert’s secrets with their “Live At Giant Rock” album.

14 October 2020 • The idea of filming a performance in an empty place is anything but new. Remember Pink...

| 14 October 2020

Album Review

Punchy stoner and luscious prog: KIND shines with “Mental Nudge”.

9 October 2020 • Within the metal scene, musicians are always well-regarded when taking part in various...

| 9 October 2020


ALAIN JOHANNES reaches inner peace with his intimate new album “Hum”.

28 September 2020 • ALAIN JOHANNES is everywhere. Not in the spotlight though. He stays in the background,...

| 28 September 2020


The dead are rising for RUFF MAJIK’s new rock’n’roll video “Lead Pills and Thrills”

25 September 2020 • Will RUFF MAJIK ever stop being badass and awesome? I mean, come on. South African heavy...

| 25 September 2020

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