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Album Review

Restless Spirit pack a punch with their heroic stoner metal.

10 January 2022 • So let’s start the year with a correction. A correction in many ways. Skipping...

| 10 January 2022


KADAVAR: inside a true rocker’s mind with Lupus Lindemann.

7 January 2022 • Desertfest Belgium, October 2021. Many of us still don’t realize we’re among...

| 7 January 2022


An interview with Norway’s most fuzz-loving geniuses KANAAN.

28 December 2021 • When the first track from “Earthbound” came out, it was pretty obvious we were about...

| 28 December 2021

Album Review

Fusion heavy trio BARON CRÂNE strikes again on “Les Beaux Jours”.

16 December 2021 • They’re back to play us a trick with a new set of tracks, fantastic!...

| 16 December 2021

Album ReviewFeatured

KAVRILA delivers the most brutal doom-punk gift ever with “Mor”.

14 December 2021 • Beware, the following review is no call for hope and optimism. Today, we go back to the...

| 14 December 2021

Album Review

SLOWSHINE raises stonergaze to new heights with “Living Light”.

11 November 2021 • Rarely has a totally DIY debut album treated us to such a range of emotions and sounds....

| 11 November 2021


We asked DOMKRAFT their recipe for a perfect album.

3 November 2021 • Is releasing the best post-doom album of 2021 enough of a reason to be interviewed? Yes...

| 3 November 2021

Album Review

Hear KANAAN’s fifty shades of fuzz on “Earthbound”.

30 October 2021 • End of the sixties: Amon Düül II is a major German band made of hairy freaks inspired...

| 30 October 2021


Desertfest Belgium 2021 – Day 3

28 October 2021 • Stiff legs, dark circles and zombie mode are symptomatic of this third day. I will do...

| 28 October 2021


Desertfest Belgium 2021 – Day 2

24 October 2021 • The sun rises on Antwerp, with a weather so smooth it augurs only good things for this...

| 24 October 2021


Desertfest Belgium 2021 – Day 1

22 October 2021 • At last. After so many months spent in the solitude of our isolated listening, here we...

| 22 October 2021


Listen to WOODEN FIELDS (w/ Witchcraft, Siena Root members) bluesy debut album in full!

7 October 2021 • It looks like Sweden has a new “supergroup“ to offer, and one that will most...

| 7 October 2021

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