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DOMKRAFT get closer to the Doom Grail with “Sonic Moons”.

2 December 2023 • Say that this fourth album from Sweden’s Domkraft was eagerly awaited would be an...

| 2 December 2023


DOZER: “We just play our songs very loud and kill everyone.”

23 November 2023 • When you think of Sweden, you’d instantly think of huge stores full of cheap...

| 23 November 2023


Desertfest Antwerp 2023: full review

17 November 2023 • October 2023. The world is running amok. Wars and terrorist attacks are still a huge part...

| 17 November 2023


DOPELORD goes on a crusade with “Songs For Satan”.

8 November 2023 • In today’s European stoner and doom landscape, DOPELORD has become a major force to...

| 8 November 2023


THUNDER HORSE’s “After The Fall” is the doom call to arms the world needs.

6 November 2023 • Released this summer, the new album from Texan quartet THUNDER HORSE is a heavy metal...

| 6 November 2023

Album ReviewAlbum ReviewChronique

BARONESS goes more epic than ever before with “Stone”.

30 October 2023 • The art of transcending your legacy. Of all the East American bands that followed the...

| 30 October 2023


Premiere: THE CLAMPS are pure stoner fire on new track “Freedom to Run (Down)”

18 October 2023 • Today we’re honored to team up with Heavy Psych Sounds Records to present the...

| 18 October 2023

Album ReviewAlbum ReviewAlbum ReviewAlbum ReviewAlbum ReviewChroniqueChroniqueChroniqueChroniqueChronique

MONDO GENERATOR sets the world ablaze with “We Stand Against You”.

14 October 2023 • Mondo Generator and me, we go way back. I ended up in the stoner scene thanks to a punk...

| 14 October 2023


Why KVELERTAK’s new album “Endling” is such a dividing topic.

10 October 2023 • What in the world? Kvelertak, this band with such a strong sonic and visual identity and...

| 10 October 2023


GRAVEYARD goes dark and emotional with “6”.

2 October 2023 • Suddenly, things felt different. We’re used to it by now although I don’t...

| 2 October 2023


An interview with LOWRIDER and ELEPHANT TREE about the stoner rock collab we all ever wanted.

22 September 2023 • It’s the kind of encounter that only happens at Desertfest London, the mecca for...

| 22 September 2023


With “Mutants”, MUTOID MAN punch the metal world in the f-ing face.

6 September 2023 • The most improbable heavy’n’roll trio is back. MUTOID MAN is still driven by...

| 6 September 2023

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