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About time I attended a Stoned Gatherings show at Glazart, and what’s more, for one of the sickest lineups of the summer! The Paris promoters put together an all-dayer with some of the best outfits in the heavy scene, welcoming no less than 650 people within the nice venue – comprising an artificial ‘beach’, deckchairs, bars, merch stalls under the trees… A perfect sunny day in the French capital. (PHOTOS: Sylvain Golvet)

PART 1 : Road 66

KING BUFFALO : The Desert. I arrive by the end of KB’s set, and enjoy what sounds like a heavy breed of Southern blues-tinged stoner rock, quite cool. I take a look around and admire the psychedelic patterns on the walls, and hypnotic lights. A set up thatbr is rather unusual for such a venue, yet totally in line with this kind of event.

CHILD : The Warm Breeze. Their blues rock blended with stonery touches sounds smoother and more melodic, as well as more 70s-infused than what we just heard. Their sometimes hazy, sometimes shimmering, warm, appealing solos, the bewitching vocals, all make me wish I was enjoying this gig outside in the sand… and didn’t miss their show at Hellfest last June! Instead of that, I lean against the wall in the dark and close my eyes to enjoy the Australian’s vintage vibe (that sometimes reminds me of Dutch psychsters Dewolff). Their heavy build-ups and sizzling, crushing bass lines subtly make the temperature rise in the venue. A discovery that has definitely warmed many hearts in here. 

JOE BUCK YOURSELF : The Bar. ‘Puzzled’ is my reaction, when I see a yellow-teethed roughneck playing an acoustic guitar while stomping on a bass drum and shaking his messy mohawk… yet it seems to be gathering a decent crowd of followers, who quickly get closer to the stage to singalong. Definitely not my cup of tea, and it also seems that most people here are making the most of this uncanny ‘interlude’ to refill their cups. Time to enjoy the venue’s Plage for a bit, before the second part of the night kicks off… Time to head North, Nevada to be precise, to join a trio hailing from the holy land of the green leaf – or the Netherworlds, as they call it.

PART 2 : Area 51

TONER LOW : The Gluey Takeoff. Just so fucking loud and gluey. Total shift in genres happening here. It’s not the Dutch’s first at Glazart, as they came here last year to perform their three records at Doomed Gatherings festival. For me however, it’s a first. I get inside during the sound checks, and see a bassist with long, long dark braids, a mini Matt Pike wearing a soundproof headset, and a guy with dreadlocks and a pair of Rayban to protect his eyes from the bright, purple hemp flashes displayed on stage – which is pretty much the only lightning on their set. The stage goes dark and the band kicks off without warning, crushing our faces like never before. The volume gets higher and higher, to form a hermetic layer of vibrations that floods the audience – who has lost all control. The air is muggy, and despite short breaks in between the songs (which also tends to break the mood), the temperature is still high as hell. I won’t be able to list the songs played tonight, as my brain is now as gluey as porridge. I feel like I’m dying, I need some air.

ELDER : The Stratosphere. Geniuses. These guys. Are. Fucking. Geniuses. After a quick break outside, we get ready for a space trip, more sober but just as psychedelic. The US trio has recently turned into a foursome and now has a second guitarist, which augurs nothing but goodness. We’ve just reached the climax of the night, it’s now impossible to move along the venue and the air is almost unbreathable. It’s a shame though, as Elder is a band that would be best enjoyed outdoors, at night, under a starry sky and a more than welcomed fresh breeze. The band kicks off the party with a perfect combo: “Sanctuary”, and “The Falling Veil” taken off Reflections of a Floating World, immediately followed by “Compendium” off Lore. The stage is now bathed in colored lights, geometrical patterns and starry vortexes propelling us thousands light years from Mother Earth. The rest of the show is just as perfect, with songs from their Pink Floyd-esque new album, and some older tracks such as their all time classic “Gemini”, wrapping up this electric and nearly perfect performance. Time to leave the sauna and get ready for the last and meatiest bit of the night.

ACID KING : The Slow Universe. Just fucking slow and hypnotic. The US trio is ready to go when we all get back inside the venue, which is dramatically less packed than earlier, probably due to last train timings. The hostilities kick off with the endless intro and sluggish melodies of “Silent Pictures”, plunging us in a thick, smoky fog. Acid King progressively make us reach peaks, before dropping us into a vortex made of heavy and smooth bass lines, on top of which Lori’s evil and caressing voice resounds. The rest of the setlist features many songs from their latest record Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere. “2 Wheels Nation” briefly brings me back on solid ground, when the crowd starts singing along the chorus of this anthem praising engine and heavy drinking. A quick encore follows what has felt like a 4-hour performance, after what the band leaves us to join their spatial abode, somewhere in a far far solar system…

Last modified: 8 November 2017