ENOS/MANGOO “Son of a Gun/The Grey Belly” split 7″ (H42 Records)

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German record label H42 Records has become a specialist when it comes to releasing high quality heavy and psych rock split records (Karma to Burn/Sons of Alpha Centauri, The Flying Eyes/Golden Animals…). This March, we got treated to yet another fine collaboration, this time with London’s heavy-mongers ENOS and Finnish five piece MANGOO. Absolute rock treasure alert!


ARTIST: Enos / Mangoo
TITLE: Son of a Gun / The Grey Belly 7″
RELEASE DATE: March 26th, 2015
LABEL: H42 Records
GENRE: Heavy rock

I must admit that, beyond the two featured bands on that record, Alexander Von Wieding’s double artwork also played a huge part in my interest for that colossal split. Both side A and B are magnificently illustrated, making us want to get immediately in the heart of the matter.

…And British outfit ENOS got this perfectly, for « Son Of A Gun » kicks off powerfully with a catchy drumming that won’t let go of us until the very last fifth and a half minute of this burning heavy rock track. We’re like seized by an energy that certainly comes from the depths of the Earth, and embark on a fiery cavalcade across the ages of stadium rock. This song oozes the boundary-free creativity of the 70’s, synths pads adorning the track, and this brilliant break where tribal percussions and deafening feedbacks give the line each other, to end on a subtly dosed egotrip-esque guitar solo. Needless to ham it up when your instrumental reaches such peaks of brilliance, this is probably why Chris Rizzanski’s vocals remain simple yet very catchy: only two listenings and you’ll already find yourself singing along! The fervor coming out of this song is quite exceptional, so I’m really hoping the band will keep the same vibe when recording their new album… so we get treated to what will possibly be one of the best rock albums of the year! This split 7″ is a great effort so far, now let’s move on to B side and see what’s up…

Of the two artworks that illustrate that record, the MANGOO side is by far my favorite, with its warm colors and this character who looks like a badass traveller from the past, like the rock’n’roll uncle of Odysseus. While ENOS played the spirited card, MANGOO takes us into darker, heavier and rougher alleys. Far from the aforementioned stormy desert odysseys, the atmosphere here is as damp and grimmy as in a metal dive bar. At the exact second I’m telling myself that « The Grey Belly » draws heavily on 90’s alt rock and metal influences – and not only for the singer’s husky voice kind of reminds me of Chris Cornell – the band indulges in a country outlaw break from outer space… into which the song brilliantly takes off. Here he is, our Odysseus, picking a fight!

ENOS might have stolen my heart a while ago as a band, this « Son of a Gun / The Grey Belly » split 7″ is definitely a high range heavy rock record with one purpose: to be blasted out at full speed on the road!

Last modified: 26 July 2015