SLOW SOUTHERN STEEL : here’s the metal documentary you’ve all been waiting for !

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2 years ago, SLOW SOUTHERN STEEL was announced for release, then it has been postponed again and again. All southern metal fans are eagerly waiting for what could be considered as the first comprehensive filmed documentation about the doomiest, sludgiest, heaviest metal scene of all : THE SOUTH. You liked “Such Hawks, Such Hounds” ? This one will finish you off and it’ll be released this fall on DVD.

Sludge, doom, southern metal, hardcore… All those genres converge on southern states (under the virtual Mason-Dixon line) like Louisiana, Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Virginia, which are all renowned among the metal world for this good reason.

Here’s what the documentary’s director, CT (from the band RWAKE), told us about the release : “The film is about underground heavy bands south of the Mason Dixon. It will have intense live performances from some of the crustiest, doomiest, and most progressive of heavy bands from the south. As will include interviews from the dirtiest and smelliest musicians, promoters, and fans from this genre about living and growing up in the bible belt, and other beautiful shit hole christian ran towns, as well as drugged out road stories, and other uncouth happenings.

Here’s an appetizer :

It features Hank III, Kylesa, Eyehategod, Torche, Dark Castle, Sourvein, Zoroaster, A Hanging, Haarp, Hawg Jaw, Black Skies, Ketea, Parasytic, Beaten Back to Pure, ASG, The Roller, Dixie Witch, Weedeater, Royal Thunder and many many more.

And for those who still don’t understand what I’m talking about, you should read this comprehensive press article about NOLA’s underground metal scene, which I call “The Cradle of Sludge”.

Supposed release this fall 2011 on DVD, follow the Facebook page for more updates.


Last modified: 11 February 2015