“Greek Rock Revolution”: when a whole music scene drew its force from the crisis.

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With half of the planet on lockdown, we felt it was the right time to get back on this documentary released in January 2020. The movie team were cool enough to make it available online to everyone, in order to help cope with the lockdown and fight Covid-19 our own way. « Greek Rock Revolution » is a vivid snapshot of the Greek rock scene. se focalisant sur la scène rock grecque. The perfect occasion for you to:

– satisfy your need of travels and sunshine 
– put a name and a face on Greece’s stoner rock torchbearers
– listen to some great live music
– mug up on your English skills without leaving your sofa.

All in one. Life is good, (confined) life is great.

In September 2018, Spanish director Miguel Cano was eager to find the reasons behind the recent eruption of Greece’s independent rock scene in its specific social and economic context. He went to film and interview seven spearheads of the local scene, from the most famous to more up-and-coming outfits, while they were touring the country. Aside from the mere fact of rocking out, he was looking for this community’s common denominator. It happens that the social context had a lot to do with such thriving. When the youth becomes hopeless and anxious about their future, it can only fire up creative expression… 

Featuring Naxatras, Puta Volcano, Village of Ioannina City, Tuber, Planet Of Zeus, Nightstalker and last but not least, 1000mods, the director switches between live footage and band interviews. 

Planet Of Zeus filling stadiums in Greece!

The pleasure of watching those performances is undeniable, however the documentary seems to be lacking resources while we also not some lengthy bits, especially with band interviews. The latter would have been more in-depth and fun to watch if they were run in Greek with subtitles. A few protagonists don’t seem comfortable speaking in English, and some of the interviews only display a superficial presentation of the band, whereas we would have loved hearing their thoughts on the subject. This is why the enlightening contribution from Greek journalists Kostas Chronopoulos (Metal Hammer) and Yiannis Kapsaskis really helps getting an overall picture of the scene.

About the live footage: all bands are excellent performers (watch 1000mods’ « Vidage » and die) and the audience is literally bursting with energy! Let’s hope the quarantine will have at least one positive effect, that after the lockdown, young people will be back to playing music, turn levels to eleven and support love music by all means possible. 

More info on the official Facebook page and Mr Challenge website

Greek Rock Revolution from Mr. Challenge Films on Vimeo.

Last modified: 30 March 2020