EXCLUSIVE STREAM: ’70s rockers Magnet debut new single “Little Moon”!

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A tidal wave of vintage riffs is taking over The Heavy Chronicles today, with the exclusive streaming of MAGNET‘s new single “Little Moon”, which debut album “Feel Your Fire” will be released this January 27th on Soulseller Records.

MAGNET is an emerging outfit from the Italian vintage rock scene, founded by bassist and vocalist Riccardo Giuffrè (also of Psychedelic Witchcraft). Their first full-length entitled “Feel Your Fire” falls within these last two decades’ new wave of retro rock fronted by bands such as Graveyard, Greenleaf or Witchcraft… With a sound focused on energetic vocals and fast tempos, you will also be thrown in a void of slow and dreamy rhythms. It’s literally like feeling a fire!

“Feel Your Fire” comes out January 27th on Soulseller Records
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Last modified: 10 February 2017