Amenra, Yob, Crowbar and 10+ bands pick their must-see act at Desertfest Belgium 2018

Written by Kickass Rockers

Excitement is growing as DESERTFEST BELGIUM takes place in less than two weeks time now. With over 45 bands ranging from doom jazz to heavy psych, from post-hardcore to sludge and noise rock, the Antwerp edition has proven to be one of the fastest-rising event of the scene. Be sure your tastes in Heavy are covered during the second weekend of October each year! So what if we let some of the most significant bands on the lineup pick their favorite act at the festival? Let’s roll.

“To choose one band to tell folks not to miss is tough. That said, having just played a number of shows with ACID KING, you definitely want to catch their set. Lori S is ever the righteous luminary she’s always been. With Rafa from Black Cobra on bass, and Bil Bowman from Hornss on drums, Acid King is unstoppable. Vibe central. Don’t miss them.” – Mike Scheidt (Yob)

Acid King

YOB are ethereal, majestic, transcendental and heavy as fuck. Plus they’re some of the nicest guys on Earth.” – Chris Turner (Orange Goblin)

“The one band you should absolutely not miss is ORANGE GOBLIN. Raw, honest, no bullshit, heavy rock that leaves you wanting more.” – Matt Brunson (Crowbar)

CROWBAR. Planets collide. They do when they play live. Definitely one of our big inspirations along the way. An honor to share a stage with them again.” – CHVE (Amenra)

“If I could pick one band to not miss at Desertfest at Trix in Antwerp, it would have to be our friends and tourmates, HEADS. from Berlin. Their band is an incredible mix of brutal and oppressive heaviness and dark and moody atmosphere, and if you want to hear the absolute best bass tone of this festival, Heads. is your band. Do not miss them!” – Christian Lembach (Whores)

“The band this year to see is MESSA. It’s refreshing to hear a more experimental and even jazz-tinged approach to heavy music at a festival with so many heavyweights. Also, in a scene that sometimes seems really American and northern European-centric, it’s nice to see bands from southern Europe making it too!” – Nick DiSalvo (Elder)


“For me, it’s got to be ACID KING! Lori S is a freakin’ legend. Hugely inspirational to us as a bad ass woman reigning supreme amidst the stoner rock sausage party!” – Harriet Hyde (Black Moth)

“I’ll have to go with ELDER. They’re definitely one of the best heavy bands out there, the progressive element in their music is really well-integrated, their sound is pretty awesome and all their works to date are top notch!” – John Vagenas (Naxatras)

HEADS. play that kind of Noise Rock with a powerful rhythm section and heavy bass lines which make you want to liquefy yourself and smash your head on the ground after a couple of songs. That’s definitely the kind of band I want to see.” – Mathieu (Sofy Major)

“We really recommend you to see SONIC WOLVES. The new guitar player, Jason, is a really close friend and he joined our last US tour to fill in for our main guitarist Alberto. He is an incredible young talent and an amazing human being. Then we are so trilled to know and see live Nick Royale with his wife in LUCIFER because…. Nick Royale is the king of Europe.” – Marco (Messa)

ADMIRAL SIR CLOUDESLEY i) because they are a no-nonsense hard-rocking, good-time band with the best riffs, ii) because they play harder than hell whilst having a jolly good time; and iii) because Louis will be wearing his Jessie Hector inspired trousers!” – Louis Comfort-Wiggett (The Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell)

“It’s very difficult to pick one band since the lineup is so good, but I would have to say ACID KING. We were fortunate enough to play a few shows with them in Europe last year and we discovered they have the ability to take you to another place, which we look forward to seeing again. Luckily we will get to see them play many times on this tour.” – Danny (Child)


October 12-15th at Trix (Antwerpen)
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Last modified: 15 October 2018