A WEEK IN VIDEO : The Socks, Mars Red Sky, Groan…

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Last week’s best video releases regarding heavy music, featuring The Socks, Mars Red Sky, Groan and Red Fang.

THE SOCKS “Some Kind Of Sorcery” (Small Stone Records 2014)

Newly signed on American music label Small Stone Records, French vintage rockers THE SOCKS are set to release their first eponymous full-length on March 18th. But until the record hits our turntables, the four long-haired dudes are taking us for a ride with its extremely Graveyardian-sounding first excerpt (thus 100% delightful). Sweating guitars, sights of the Road, dust, old school production and a whole lotta energy: all these elements will make you looking forward to listening to the record, two months ahead!

MARS RED SKY “Satellites” live in Mariehamn, Finland

Filmed during their Scandinavian tour last December, this live video showcases the first song off MARS RED SKY’s upcoming album (due out April 2014). I’ve probably heard “Satellites” dozens times while I was on tour with the band in 2013, and it’s definitely one of these doomy-boogie tunes that stay stuck in your insane brain, most of all because of its big fat bass riff, ooh yeah, I like this one so bad. However, you won’t have to wait any longer for another shot of heaviness, as the Bordeaux-based trio planned to release a 7″ EP in March, featuring this song and a live recording at London Desertfest 2013. You geniuses.

GROAN “Slice of That Vibe” (Superhot Records 2014)

Here you go, GROAN ! The UK-based outfit recently released their album “Ride The Snake” on Superhot Records, which benefited a very enthusiastic review in THC’s 2013 top list. “Slice of That Vibe” video is very representative of the crazitastic vibe you find all along the record. You can see frontman Mazzareth on stage, doing his “thing”, I mean whatever he’s up to. You know what? Enough talking: just check it out and seize that vibe.

RED FANG “Blood Like Cream” live on David Letterman show

When I heard that Portland’s metal community held its breath and watched religiously the Late David Letterman Show to see their fellow citizens Red Fang perform, then you know how loved and respected this band by his peers. Scandalmongers will say the band got mainstream (“Red Fang, sell-outs, blablabla”), real people will just enjoy the performance. Well, hectic metalheads are just missing in this equation, but the band comes out of it admirably. We’re even more looking forward the upcoming French tour in less than two weeks!

Last modified: 11 February 2015