The Quietus to curate a stage at DESERTFEST LONDON 2014

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For the first time at DESERTFEST LONDON, UK renowned webzine The Quietus will be curating a stage on Saturday April 26, 2014. Six bands that smell sweetly like melted tarmac will hit the stage in Camden, to make your ears burn of pleasure for a full afternoon of crushing heaviness… Meet MASTERS MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE, DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT, THE BODY, HEY COLOSSUS, ARABROT and SLABDRAGGER.

Desertfest London – 25-27th April 2014
The Ballroom, The Underworld, The Black Heart in Camden Town

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Hailing from Seattle, the alarmingly named MASTER MUSICIAN OF BUKKAKE are partially shrouded in mystery. Their sound – while drawn from such disparate sources as the horror score electronics of John Carpenter, Indian ragas, the hot desert sahrawi of Group Doueh, the polyrhythmic Gnawa music of Morocco and Turkish folk rock – always has an infectious groove. It’s a bedevilling sonic incantation that will always enrapture you while keeping you guessing about the intent of those who make it.


DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT are probably one of the most subversive and unfathomable bands in the UK extreme metal scene. Like some sort of Dr Jekyll of doom, they sometimes like to mix that crushing heaviness and slowness with black and death metal. A powerful blend that you wouldn’t like to combine with loads of Guinness…

THE BODY (Facebook)

Guitarist Chip King and drummer Lee Bufford are THE BODY, and once you have listened to their psyche-fracturing extreme metal/harsh wall noise hybrid, you will probably conclude that they are probably not named in tribute to Elle MacPherson.

HEY COLOSSUS (Facebookblog)

Hey Colossus reimagine the West Country as the Lone Star State, bringing everything from the //Texas Chainsaw Massacre//, the Butthole Surfers, Scratch Acid and ZZ Top much closer to Exeter than it ever was before.

ARABROT (Facebook)

Norway’s finest noiserock group combine a searing intelligence – their lyrics are inspired by Georges Bataille, Fernando Arrabal, Jean Cocteau, Andrei Tarkovsky, Robert Desnos, Comte de Lautréamont and Hubert Selby Jr – with a base, sleazy, primal rock sound that calls to mind Shellac, The Melvins, Birthday Party and Killdozer.


In the band’s own words SLABDRAGGER are “Sam Thredder playing guitar & vocals, Yusuf Tary playing bass and yelling down the other microphone whilst Matt Byrne hits the drums with fucking baseball bats. Sludge as fuck.”

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