MASTODON almost out of the studio

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While some redhead is feeling good having a part in stupid ads for a fast food company in Atlanta, the rest of the world is yearning about MASTODON four ATLiens’ next record “The Hunter”…

Time flies and it was back in 2009 when the band released its incredible yet controversed effort  Crack The Skye”, followed by intense touring, one of them being the terrific BLACKDIAMONDSKYE tour that led them on stage alongside reference bands Alice In Chains and Deftones. Then Bill Kelliher had health issues… But now Stache Boy is all good and we’re happy about it !

The band has been teasing us from the studio for a few weeks now, giving us clues with a dropper : the record will be entitled “The Hunter” and will feature tracks such as Blasteroids, The Octopus Has No Friends (I like this one), Stargasm, Curl Of The BurlAll The Heavy Lifting and Dry Bone Valley. Recording is almost done : pretty good news, right ?

MASTODON is a bunch of smart dudes (well, at least they have a smart marketing team) and they gave us a lil something to keep us busy, some insane muppet show video based upon unreleased song Deathbound.

Last modified: 20 October 2013