FOO FIGHTERS “Wasting Light” (RCA 2011)

Written by Album Review

We’ve been so ecstatic about the new FOO FIGHTERS album, given that they made our mouthes water with their old school recording concept and several teasers, cool songs and videos they released on their website. Now that I have “Wasting Light” in hand, I’m very grateful they got back in studio. Proof below.

As promised in the teaser, the album starts on Bridge Burning with pep and rage. We especially love FOO FIGHTERS for their rabid songs that rocks like hell, so there’s a terrific feeling at lauching the album on such a cool track. Let’s continue with Rope, a groovy cosy song with a pleasant 90’s rock vibe : it’s Dave Grohl singing so what more do want, seriously  ? We now enter the FOO’s intimacy with Dear Rosemary, and we feel our ears come with this harmony, these catchy and perfect structures, this golden voice. Well, pure pleasure it is.

If you missed your adrenalin shot, here you go with White Limo and that FF’s screaming punk side we all cherish, so you should be satisfied ! One of my fave songs comes right after : mid-tempo Arlandria, light-hearted sound, enthralling chorus, hackles-rising bridge, in the same tradition as shivering Gimme Stitches or Everlong. So we go on, from cool tracks that highlight Dave’s voice to more rythmic tracks. That’s what we like about FOO FIGHTERS, this ideal combination of invicible energy and feelings sublimed with music. In that vibe, Miss The Misery makes you say “ooohhh yeah” while your eyes close on the chorus. The record ends on beautiful ballad I Should Have Known that recalls good ol’ hard rock moments of the 80’s.

Here’s the strongest point of this album compared with the previous release I found a little bit boring : there’s an old school power, probably due to analogic recording that gives credit to each note, each instrument. Inspiration was there too, that’s sure as hell. One’s could reproach Dave to sing always the same way, but do they only know a lotta guys with this voice and this charisma who oozes such emotion every time he opens his mouth ? Nope. So here are all the arguments to prove you “Wasting Light” is simply one of the best, if not the best FOO FIGHTERS album.

Last modified: 11 February 2015