2011 will be DOWN or won’t be

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At a time when bands will be starting to meet at festivals, it’s good to recall people what’s DOWN up to right now. Gigs okay, but what about the album ??? What are DOWN members up to with their respective projects ? Answer.

Rex Brown definitely out of the game

While PHIL ANSELMO plays a wanna-be Kratos on stage with DOWN (he hit his head against Keenan’s guitar neck which busted his head open but didn’t prevent him to stop his performance, as if nothing happened), REX BROWN  casually announces he won’t take part to DOWN anymore.This is it. I’m not doing any Down. This is my devotion right here [his new band Kill Devil Hill]. There’s no side gigs, or anything else that’s going on. So this is what it’s going to be for the future.”  As I previously announced a few weeks ago, happy-go-lucky Rex had been hanging around a few bands, but now it seems he decided to stick to something for good (well not for DOWN fans’ good though). His absence to 2011 gigs was the opportunity for great bass player Pat Bruders from CROWBAR to show his style to the fans who really seem to dig the vibe.

EP-like records ?

Furthermore DOWN buddies, who have left us kicking our heels for almost a year and a half now with several announcements about the new record, apparently have taken their decision : the next record will rock “NOLA”s old school uncompromising vibe and won’t be released as a classic record but as a few EPs, each with a proper theme : heavy, acoustic, classic, doom… If you listened to “Stone The Crow” sublime acoustic version, you can only enjoy the news.

Pepper Keenan and C.O.C’s future

Pepper Keenan, who left CORROSION OF CONFORMITY in order to devote himself to Down, expressed his will to play with his former collegues  “Eventually they want to get together, and I want to too, and get back to the “Deliverance” era stuff and put together a new record. I’m just waitin’ for them to call.” The latter will be touring in Europe and a few jams with Pepper are not impossible (both bands will share the bill on several festivals such as HELLFEST or KRISTONFEST), to the great delight of C.O.C former lineup’s fans!

More detailed interview of Pepper Keenan on Delaware Country Times

Last modified: 11 February 2015