REX BROWN is a loose canon, so what ?

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Some people don’t tend to make choices and stick to one activity, so they just do a lil of everything and pretty nothing… If there’s someone in the metal game who’s up to this definition, it’s Dallas native REX BROWN, PANTERA’s extraordinary former bass player.

We can’t reproach him his fickleness towards DOWN (he’s been playing with them since 2002) : the man had some serious health issues (he went under two tough pancreatitis surgeries, due to some 25 years of binge-drinking) that forced him to stay aside from the business and postpone touring with his bros a year and a half ago. We can’t either reproach his disloyalty to PANTERA, with whom he’d unfailing lived an metal reckless life from 1983 to 2000.


Nah, I’m talking about his two latest projects :

ARMS OF THE SUN, an alternate metal (understand “quite grunge”) supergroup founded in Dallas in 2009, who’s about to release its first record. A quite brilliant band with a catchy vibe, they haven’t benefited a lot of promotion but I can already feel the buzz coming. Well, Rex left the band less than a month ago due to diverging opinions (well that’s not the official reason, but singer Lance Harvill declared they hadn’t have the same vision on the project’s artistic direction). Ok alright so let’s just think “cooool, so he will concentrate back on DOWN WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO POUND OUT A NEW RECORD FOR LATE 2011 (no I’m not yelling !)… Eeeehhh well actually…

KILL DEVIL HILL then bolts from the blue. 200% southern metal, REBEL MEETS REBEL kinda stuff (hhh…another band founded by Rex, Dimebag Darrell and his bro Vinnie Paul, which only album was released in 2006). KILL DEVIL HILL has musically nothing to do with AOTS, but Rex keeps hanging on for now, so we’ll see…

“Sneaky Rex” is a man full of surprises, so what are his plans for future ? “Dime only knows…”

Last modified: 11 February 2015