JUMPING JACK “Cows & Whisky” (AP 2010)

Written by Album Review

Working with talented bands (for HOLLOW NATIONS compilation “Road Riot Radio : Stoned Ryders Session”, out soon) brings many advantages, such as discovering awesome records. I don’t usually listen to a lot of French rock, that’s why I’m quite pleased to hit on such quality !

JUMPING JACK aka a heavy stoner sound blended with strong old school influences, sprinkled with fucking charisma. Yeah, when you look at the album cover which takes up Jack Daniel’s famous label and you listen to the Britton band for the first time, there’s no doubt about the product, smells like whiskey and illicit stuff emanations…

Heavy, powerful, carried by a strong and harsh voice, JUMPING JACK fucks up your brain et makes you fly somewhere between the elaborate structures of the finest 80’s heavy songs and asphalt-burning riffs of stoner kings like KYUSS. Brimming with authenticity, far from being another clone record in the system,“Cows and Whisky” is raw, burning hot and psychotropic, complex and really asserted. A dark record with an exhilarating groove, a story to be continued…

Available on www.jumpingjackgroup.com, track “Blow” on the compilation “ROAD RIOT RADIO : Stoned Ryders Session” (out 12/07/10 on all digital stores) – MySpace


Last modified: 11 February 2015