DECEIT “Deceit” (A/P 2010)

Written by Album Review

One simple word to describe DECEIT‘s first EP : refreshing.

For their first try, the Italians dudes banked on energy and quality : 5 short tracks (sadly so short…) without any pace loss, from the beginning to the end we’re carried away by the Mentos wave of freshness of their rock breaker, halfway between “power rock” and “pop punk” music. Obviously inspired by such heavyweights like Foo Fighters, “Deceit” overwhelms us with its positive energy, its light but oh so catchy riffs. The singer’s hoarse voice somehow reminds BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE leader’s timbre and ability to combine clear singing and screaming (I’m not talking ’bout “screamo” here, alright?).

Musicians are on top, production is hot, tracks are catchy and highly invigorating, anyway DECEIT it’s : talent, a lot of determination and, I hope, many delightful tracks to spare for the future !

Album “Deceit” available on iTunes, track “Riff @ 1” on “ROAD RIOT RADIO : Stoned Ryders Session” compilation (out 12/07/10 on digital platforms) – MySpace

Last modified: 11 February 2015