The dead are rising for RUFF MAJIK’s new rock’n’roll video “Lead Pills and Thrills”

Written by News

Will RUFF MAJIK ever stop being badass and awesome? I mean, come on. South African heavy rockers prove once again that they rule the underground game, with a killer zombie-laden new video for “Lead Pills and Thrills”.

The video is the sequel to “Who Keeps Score“, and as frontman Johni Holliday comments: “Jimmy (bassist) and I are both out in the wasteland, being pursued by zombies. Evert has been taken hostage by a zombie horde to be the personal piano man for their bar – and we set out to rescue him. Once there, we discover we’ve have fallen right into a clumsily planned trap.” Not only the idea is goofy as hell, but the video and 100% fun and driven by some serious acting skills (you’ll see). It was directed by Tiger And Lilly Productions.

Their new album “The Devil’s Cattle” is out October 30th on Mongrel Records. Find RUFF MAJIK on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Last modified: 11 January 2021