A WEEK IN VIDEO: Graveyard, Hangman’s Chair, Horisont, Grave Pleasures…

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It’s been a while, huh? The “A Week In Video” section makes a comeback today with a bunch of high-end video creations. All these videos are synonymous of much awaited imminent album releases from GRAVEYARD, HANGMAN’S CHAIR, HORISONT, MY HOME ON TREES, and GRAVE PLEASURES as a bonus.

GRAVEYARD “The Apple And The Tree” (Nuclear Blast Records 2015)

If you are chuffed about the new Graveyard record as much as we are, and eventually got a bit bored of their quite simplistic videos, then you should hold on to your chair. “The Apple And The Tree” is a finely directed video shot in beautiful Scandinavia, that will give you a taster of the joyful feelings induced by their new record Innocence & Decadence… And you have no idea how good this is.

HANGMAN’S CHAIR “Dripping Low” (MusicFearSatan 2015)

Whether you’re familiar or not with the (not-so-broad) French doom family, one band undoubtedly deserves your attention: the mighty Hangman’s Chair. They’ve been around the Parisian scene since 2007, with three full-lengths and that highly melodic approach divinely intertwining with a stirring sense of despair of theirs. I’ve always loved their old school black & white sleazy vids, but this one is quite different in the sense the band is at center stage for the first time. Just like the album This Is Not Supposed To Be Positive, this video represents a step forward for the better. Immerse in the underground now.

HORISONT “Bad News” (Rise Above Records 2015)

Horisont are part of these retro-metal loving bands who assertively play the cliché card, and do it well. They must have had some fun with that green screen while shooting the video for “Bad News” (taken off their fourth record Odyssey, released on Rise Above Records this October 18th). This uncanny mix of Scorpions’ 1972 “I’m Going Mad” and retro sci-fi doesn’t quite reinvent the wheel, and I can’t help but think that Horisont’s real power resides in nothing but their high voltage live performances. To be caught live for sure.

MY HOME ON TREES “Winter” (Heavy Psych Sounds 2015)

There’s some greatness in there. Italian stoner band My Home On Trees have a new (their first?) video out, featuring the hoarse and powerful tones of Mister Steve Moss (The Midnight Ghost Train) as a bonus. I must say I was first surprised, then amazed by the contrast between the video’s arty and cold screenplay and the man’s deep and daunting vocals – which we’re more used to hear on sun-drenched bluesy tracks. Winter hasn’t come yet, but THIS is gorgeous.

GRAVE PLEASURES “New Hip Moon” (Sony Music 2015)

Grave Pleasures are the new sexy. The Finnish outfit formerly known under the moniker of Beastmilk bears the torch of a new heavy classy brand of rock’n’roll – whether you label it “gothic”, “death rock” or whatever. This new video “New Hip Moon”, taken off their freshly released debut Dreamcrash, encapsulates everything this fantastic foursome is about: swagger, classy intoxicating poppy songwriting, and that characteristic 80’s-infused touch that makes them so unique.

Last modified: 24 September 2015