HELLFEST 2013 The report : Day 2

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The first day was filled with revelations and dark heavy sounds, but this second day of HELLFEST 2013 was more devoted to classic bands, between waves of fuzz and storms of urban beats. Today’s lineup provided a wide range of styles, as varied as the weather in Clisson since Thursday. It’s time to put back our Vans and prepare some roll-ups, because the party starts now with Skindred, P.O.D., Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Down, Karma To Burn, Red Fang, Kiss and Korn. Booyaaaah ! (PHOTOS : Gaël Mathieu)


Dancehall Nation : SKINDRED

An old friend described me SKINDRED as a 100% atypical metal act, a must see. It’s 10.30 AM, I only slept four hours but here I am, über-motivated at the foot of Mainstage 2. The band members make their entrance on “The Imperial March” : awesome. Music is also a killer : reggae/dancehall vocals are blended with overdriven metal/hardcore guitars, which are total opposites but it works like magic. The fashion amongst the band is also quite coloured, between the rasta frontman, the hipster bassist and guitarist, and the standard metalhead drummer. Prejudices can fuck off right now, because everybody jump, everybody dance, everybody sing ! Party time under the pouring rain ! It’s time for the singer to ask the crowd to take off their shirts and use them to do the “Newport Helicopter”. Some brave lads comply, whereas most of us are watching them with an amused smile. Honestly, Skindred is a great find for every urban/crossover music fan, and a total killer on stage. Hellfest is the metal festival who gathers the most open-minded and enthusiastic crowds, we all know that.

Some People Never Change : P.O.D

P.O.D or PAYABLE ON DEATH were part of the few bands I absolutely wanted to see at this festival. To me, they are one of the most GENUINE acts of the so-called nu-metal wave (for their music spectrum spreads way beyond that mere label). The four boys from San Diego are no pretenders, their music comes from the hood, it comes from the guts. They haven’t played in Europe for ten years, and what a good surprise to see them in such a great shape today (and with an extra member on synths/backing vocals) ! Scepticals will have to hold back their bitter comments, because Sonny Sandoval and his bros are pouring all their rage on stage, surprising many bystanders with their rap verses and punk accelerations worthy of Suicidal Tendencies. You can also see Fieldy from Korn and the Skindred boys enjoying the gig backstage. With a greatest hits setlist and a blazing energy, P.O.D are driving the fans crazy. On “Southtown“, Sonny manages to make the crowd get down on the floor while screaming “This is for Jesus !”. I can see you accusers coming, “yeah, that’s some Christian metal right here”. And yet, this band only provides positive vibes, without any morals or religious propaganda. Later in the afternoon, I’ll hear people commenting on the band’s performance. Only positive vibes, I said. I call this a victory on narrow-minded people ! (Setlist)


I’m braving wind, cold and drizzle to join the Camp and eat a club sandwich, before going back to the Valley. A weed smell fills the place… Along with Bison, Pallbearer, Graveyard and P.O.D, UNCLE ACID was also on my “must-absolutely-see-before-dying” list. Actually, if I’m in Clisson under a pouring rain today, it’s because of them. After the band formed in 2009, they only played a ridiculous handful of gigs (including Roadburn 2013). In addition to that, their excellent new record “Mind Control” aroused the senses of every psyche/occult retro rock fan. And when they hit the stage, I’m quite surprised : I didn’t expect them to be “that” good-looking. Like, I thought they were some kind of dirty wasted hippies, whereas instead of that, four dandys are blasting the most tremendous groove in our ears. Someone asks me :

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