ESCAPE FROM PARIS “Paris Tapes” (A/P 2011)

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The last time I fell for a punk-like band, it was for Norwegian band KVELERTAK. It does no harm just this once, this time I was tremendously slapped in the face by a gig of ESCAPE FROM PARIS. My after-shock first reaction : getting their EP (free download here !). Conclusion : these fellas are as insane on stage as they are in studio, and their record “Paris Tales” is quite the unexpected breathe of fresh air all of us needed right now.

This band ain’t “normal”. Their name can leave to confusion, ’cause none of these 5 dudes is neither Parisian (better for them, ha !) or even French (for the most of them). Also, ESCAPE FROM PARIS’ style is close to punk, rock, anything very manly : but they’re not the average “super-manly-punk-rock” kind of band, nope. These guys are faaaar from that, for one reason : THEY’RE INSANE IN THE BRAIN. Very much so.

ESCAPE FROM PARIS in two words : festive and rebel. Guitars are fully loaded and distorted, potentiometers are set on 15, a huge tornado of revolt is blowing in your fucking face ! Because Sir William (EFP’s testosteroned frontman) voluntarily encourages you to wreck havoc along with him, just by chanting some random words like “Pay the rent, you muthafuckin bitches” or “Run solo ! Han Solo ! Fuck solo ! Djbadazjlkdjfaoozaoooooo !!!!”. The guy has this charisma, this “I’m crazy and I love it” side that is awesomely infectious. As if Zach De La Rocha and Mike Muir had raised an Italian kid, who comes out with so many punchlines that one could easily write an anthology with them.

They tell stories of riotous nocturnal life (“People Of The Night”), MILF hunting (“Milfotheque”), guts-burning resentment (“Jenga With The Devil”), they play some rock’n’roll set over a background of “this for you piece of shit/shut the fuck up” (“Crushed In Fire”), so with all of this I can guarantee you’ll get your money worth. Well actually you’ll never have to spend any money for this EP, since it’s freeeeeeeeeeeeeee, motherfucker ! That’s the ESCAPE FROM PARIS spirit : generous like hell, a 100% DIY style, communing with their audience with no effort… Word.

ALBUM : “Paris Tales”
Release date : October 2011
Label : DIY
Genre : punk/rock/metal
Notation : ✩✩✩✩✩

Last modified: 11 February 2015