Matt Author

From Punk to Stoner to Sludge, from France to Ireland to Germany, it's my love for the Stooges, Red Fang and Baroness who lead me to where I am. Full grown beard, home brewed beer, my doggy and fuzzy noisy riffs, this covers all my needs!



Personal challenge : what if I tried to review the side project from Truckfighters guitarist Dango, without mentioning Truckfighters? Spoiler: I failed. “Question...

MONDO GENERATOR took 2020 by storm, and we won’t complain about it.


“Fuck It” has always seemed to be NICK OLIVERI‘s life motto, yet 2020 was the most prolific year ever for his band Mondo Generator. With two new albums and two...

BATTALIONS glorify old school heavy on “Pure Humber Sludge”.


Anyone fancy a catch up session in the shape of a heavy punch in your face and a spit in your coffee? With “Pure Humber Sludge” BATTALIONS offer a remastered and...

PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS scoff at pigeonholing with dazzling new “Viscerals” LP.


Don’t ask me why, but I always had a thing for albums kicking off with a strong and well thought-out solo drum beat, like on “Era Vulgaris” from Queens Of...

King Buzzo and Trevor Dunn go avant-garde with their new acoustic collaboration “Gift of Sacrifice”.


King Buzzo is a busy man. When he’s not touring, you can find him recording his yearly bunch of Melvins records with whatever line up, or hanging out with his friend Mike...