Lord Pierro Author

Tombé dans le stoner il y a 20 ans, j’essaie de partager mes coups de cœurs musicaux, aussi bien sur album qu'en concert. Mot d’ordre : spread the fuzz ! Avec une bonne bière, bien sûr !

THE OBSESSED “Sacred” (Relapse Records)


THE OBSESSED are back! The legendary metal band fronted by Scott ‘Wino’ Weinrich is breaking twenty years of silence with a brand new album,...

DOPELORD “Children Of The Haze” (S/R 2017)


DOPELORD is a stoner doom foursome hailing from Poland’s burgeoning heavy scene – among which are counted Belzebong, Sunnata, Spaceslug, Major Kong – who...

HARK “Machinations” (Season Of Mist 2017)


Led by guitarist and vocalist Jimbob Isaac, Welsh heavy-mongers HARK are like the phoenix. Founded by the charismatic frontman on the hot ashes of noise rock...

DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE “Seaweed” (Suicide Records 2017)


Seaweed definitely deserved a cool-headed reviewing. Finn heavy-mongers DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE‘s third album was released two months ago, and this is...