QILIN takes to the high seas at Smoky Van Sessions.

Written by Live

We’re back on the road again with the Smoky Van Sessions, the touring live sessions that showcase up-and-coming bands from the French stoner and doom scene in the heart of breathtaking landscapes. For this latest chapter in our very own generator parties, it’s the beloved Parisians of QILIN who are up for the challenge, taking us on a never-ending trip through their heavy psychedelic swirls…

The band says: “Our session was recorded in Fécamp (Normandy coast) in May 2023, a few days before the recording of our forthcoming new album. The idea was to bring to a close the Petrichor period, which had been disrupted by its years of global pandemic, and link it with a new chapter in the band’s history. Head Of Medusa, Petrichor’s final track, is thus played and followed by a new track released here exclusively. We shared this vision of music as a vehicle for escapism with SVS and this collaboration was natural. The rendering of this recording is faithful to the atmosphere and the pleasure we all took in this shared adventure, and we hope that this energy will spread to the audience.

Smoky Van Sessions have previously featured live performances by Stone From The Sky, Appalooza, Birds of Nazca and Red Sun Atacama. Find them on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

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Last modified: 7 December 2023