Meeting up with RED FANG : 2012 highlights and upcoming music.

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My last interview with RED FANG dated back to January in Toulouse (France), when the guys were headlining a show between two gigs with MASTODON. I discussed with Aaron Beam et Bryan Giles for the first time there. At that time, the band was getting a foretaste of glory in Europe, so they were taking with the idea to share this enthusiasm with every man jack.
On July 17th, I met up with the band’s vocalists Aaron and Bryan before their gig in the best french wine city Bordeaux. Happily installed in their dormitory, we discussed their best moments of this tour, their upcoming projects, their top favorite artists and tv shows : I caught up with the band in such a laidback way that it almost felt like they were long-time friends I haven’t seen for months. Get with me into the heart of RED FANG, and enjoy it as if you were there, camera in hand !

Last modified: 11 February 2015