SOMETHING ANIMAL brings chaos on “Bestial Curse Part 1”

Written by Album Review, Chronique

Back in the days, when it came to chaotic hardcore, French outfits could be counted on the fingers of one hand and America remained our main dealer. From now on, we’ll have to count on Parisian quintet Something Animal, as they just released their sophomore EP “Bestial Curse Part 1”.

Having cut their teeth in various punk/hardcore bands (from Mike Revolata to Midnight Blackout, via Aphrodite’s Baby and Blasted, and even a Joe Dassin punk cover band!) while undoubtedly feeding on the aforementioned US influences, their bestiality starts shaping up with the “Urban Zoology” debut EP in 2019. Hardcore explosions transcribe the violence of a destructive society, where the loss of humanity and the flaws that run through it only lead inexorably to its downfall.

But Something Animal does anything but pop psychology and spits out an angry cry of awakening to accompany our daily struggle not to lose our human values. And what anger this is! While Daz’s vocals are front and center, the band’s razor-sharp guitars and impeccable, relentless drumming groove in a pool of blood.

With musical violence reflecting that of today’s society, “Bestial Curse” delivers five clawing blows and highlights the qualities of a band that has nothing to envy its peers. Get over it fast, this is only the beginning of Something Animal’s takeover!

ARTIST: Something Animal
ALBUM: Bestial Curse Part 1
DATE: 2 February 2024
GENRE: Chaotic hardcore
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Last modified: 20 February 2024