VIDEO PREMIERE: rodeo in the South-African desert with MONSTROÏD.

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Keep your summer fuzzy with one video that “Blues For The Red Sun” Kyuss would have definitely approved. The desert, powerful engines, a band giving it all for the sake of rock’n’roll: it’s all in there. Add a substantial dose of fuzz and you’ll get the greasiest, dustiest track of your holidays with this brand new video from Cape Town’s MONSTROÏD.

”We love where we live, and we wanted to position the Western regions of Southern Africa as the African counterpart to California’s desert rock scene, from where we draw so much inspiration. The video puts the band driving through it. From the dried-up desert pans, to the water flowing out of rocks sustaining life when all around it is dry, to the semi desert where the water flows freely. All the vast desert beauty we should celebrate » says the band.

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Last modified: 12 August 2019