DEFLORE & JAZ COLEMAN “Party In The Chaos” EP (Subsound Records)

Written by Chronique

Can an industrial metal EP by an Italian instrumental duo easily draw attention in 2019? Not a chance. Would a collaboration with legendary alchemist Jaz Coleman make a difference in the equation? Absolutely. 

DEFLORE may have a twenty-year career under their belt, I wouldn’t be writing about this collab EP if they hadn’t supported Killing Joke in Rome. Also, their discography is mind-blowing therefore it truly deserves your attention. Wrapped around electro-industrial metal soundtracks for post-apocalyptic techno-thrillers, their albums are chock full of sequenced guitars and fierce stampede, something I haven’t heard since Pitchshifter’s early work “Industrial” and “Desensitized”.

So how did Jaz Coleman happen to get involved in this project — which is more than just a featuring? Well, Coleman was so impressed by Deflore that he actively contributed to the whole EP’s songwriting. Even though you’d hardly get Killing Joke out of your mind when hearing Jaz, “Party In The Chaos” is in no instance a palliative to a new record from the legendary band. DEFLORE step up the usual pace and hit harder (the drums sound like a blitz!) while giving Coleman enough room to break into a Wardance-worthy revolutionary anthem, making the title track one of the best you’ve heard in years.

The instrumental “Sunset in the West” is trademark DEFLORE, conveying that cyberpunk vibe harbinger of a nightmarish end of humanity, when the world as well as our lives would be completely taken over by machines. The tension never dissipates, like a mist engulfing our subconscious; so when “Transhuman World” kicks off, it becomes clear that we’ve entered a new era and nothing will be the same anymore.  

The Great Alchemist once again turnt a gem into diamond, delivering a short, six-handed soundtrack that finally brings the fabulous DEFLORE to light. Thank you, Mr Coleman.

ARTIST: Deflore and Jaz Coleman
ALBUM: “Party In The Chaos”
LABEL: Subsound Records
Genre: Industrial metal
More: Facebook / Bandcamp / Subsound Records

Last modified: 29 July 2019