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There are tons of rock compilations out in this world. But are they as eclectic and punchy as this one ? I doubt it. This one is half-made of french talents, half-made of very international artists. It covers the whole rock spectrum, dragging us into a long road trip of energetic and rebel aspirations. The ROAD RIOT RADIO trip, where (almost) unknown 19 bands prove themselves to be as good as the “big ones”.

Every track melts into the other pretty nicely, even if the artists are each very different in their style. The concept of an old school radio, kinda “Vanishing Point” one, helps a lot into that fluency : every 4 or 5 tracks, a DJ calls you to listen carefully and hold on to your seatbelt…

As for example, you’ve got a bunch of cool rads not of afraid of hammering their guitars and playing at full speed : not talking about extreme hardcore norvegian black metalheads, but only of rock and post-rock bands that have the rage to succeed. French ones mainly.

You also have a brilliant bunch of bands that plunge you into the most genuine essence of the rock’n’roll roots : from loud blues to completely punk rockabilly, as well as southern muddy rock.

Add to this about ten pure heavy, hardcore, catchy tracks plus a few ballads and you’ll be sure you have a golden record in your hands. The record of love for rock music in all its forms, from the most brutal to the most heart-lighted (not love : rock). Everyone brings its influences without prejudice, thing is nobody had ever tried to mix all that up before, so you can also call that record a challenge !


Top 5 :

  • Azazelblue’s Earthworms – Losing My Connections
  • Deathalizer – More Than Gone
  • Emia – Dear Mum
  • Jumping Jack – Blow
  • Joe Madman & The Sidewalkers – Laying My Burden Down

Last modified: 11 février 2015