From extreme metal to rock’n’roll: bands you must see at MOTOCULTOR 2016.

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Because we’re raring to go to MOTOCULTOR FEST at THC, it is the right time for us to share our highlights and picks of this 2016 edition of the French extreme metal festival, for the best lineup the festival has put together in nine years.

FRIDAY 19TH AUGUST – Live every first day at any festival on earth, we start nice and slow… with Sweden’s death metal purveyors Entombed AD (whom we missed at Hellfest because they were clashing with Sick Of It All) on the Supositor Stage. We’ll also merrily get drowned into the Wizard-infused silt of French stoned doomers Witchthroat Serpent, but MOST OF ALL: we won’t miss under any circumstances one of the finest live acts of the whole heavy rock scene, hailing from Kansas and providing a highly delectable and sweat-fueled delta blues: The Midnight Ghost Train. Because we love when it gets greasy. Oh yeah.


SATURDAY 20TH AUGUST – As we (probably) won’t get (too) hammered on the first night, it’ll be easy to kick off the second day by bathing in filth and brutality with Fange – who made an appearance on Dopethrone’s set last year. Once out of this sonic swamp, we stay around the Massey Ferguscene stage in order to catch one of Valient Thorr‘s famous rock’n’roll sermons. But things get damn serious once Cult Of Luna start raising their post-hardcore wall of sound… followed by this year’s headliners Neurosis, who recently released a mouth-watering teaser in anticipation of their upcoming new album « Fires Within Fires ». Scott Kelly and the clique for the first time at Motocultor Festival? It couldn’t get heavier than that.


SUNDAY 21ST AUGUST – Like a déjà vu, Breton post-sludgers Stonebirds open THC’s last day at Motocultor. As seen as Hellfest this June, they’ve proven to be a very promising band of the French heavy scene (ans we honestly can’t wait to hear the next album). But the heaviest slab today is provided by a band we like to label as ‘mega-doom’ and who is ruling over the whole effin scene at the moment: the mighty Conan. If you are into their last delivery Revengeance on Napalm Records, then you’re in for a huge treat. Let’s step away from the Massey stage for a bit, and feast our ears with the finest hard/blues rock Scandinavia has produced in the last decade: Graveyard. What’s more, former guitarist and vocalist Truls Mörck is now back in the band, so you can’t miss the chance to see the original formation while hearing its newest songs. A thick fog is overrunning the site: THC is calling, the atmosphere has turned green and gets filled with Bongripper‘s evil riffs. Enough to set the record straight, and bring all the new stoner-doom outfits to heel. Riffs got a bit more southerny and party-inducing withUS rock’n’roll champions Nashville Pussy. Freewheeling is now more than an option, to wherever heavy metal and beer will lead us…


Et si ces quelques arguments ne vous suffisent pas, vous trouverez le running order complet ici.

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