Katzenjammer Author

Occasional writer for The Heavy Chronicles, and avid listener of everything fuzzy. I followed the smoke to the riff-filled land, and settled there!

LIBIDO FUZZ “Kaleido Lumo Age” (Pink Tank Records)


I had developed quite a crush on LIBIDO FUZZ, the unlikely French heirs of Ozzy Osbourne and John Lee Hooker, listening to their inaugural (and aptly-titled) EP We’re a Heavy...

TEN FOOT WIZARD “Sleeping Volcanoes”


The other day, I was describing to a friend the stoner rock scenes across various European countries ; questioned about the U.K., I instinctively replied that the country had...

STONED GATHERINGS #100 : Black Rainbows + The Midnight Ghost Train + The Texas Chainsaw Dust Lovers + Flayed (Paris, 22.03.15)


Flayed, Texas Chainsaw Dust Lovers, The Midnight Ghost Train, Black Rainbows: the line-up felt like a mini-festival for the 100th edition of Stoned Gatherings in Paris last...

ELDER “Lore” (Stickman Records 2015)


A few weeks after their role models Colour Haze came back with a rather disappointing 11th album, ELDER steps in with a new opus that’s equally ambitious, but much more...

FATSO JETSON + YAWNING MAN + DOMADORA @ Glazart (Paris, 16.02.15)


After Brant Bjork and John Garcia in 2014, it’s now the turn of another California desert rock legend to grace the Stoned Gatherings crowd with his presence: Mario Lalli, on a...