Sonic Blast Fest 2022: the review.

Written by À la une, Live

Summer always brings its share of open air festivals. Big spaces, bands as far as the ear can hear. Some are known for the rain and mud, others for the sun and warmth. SONIC BLAST FEST falls under the latter, where beach and riffs complement the blazing sun of Northern Portugal’s vast bay area. Nearby, a small fishermen village offers a touch of “urban flavour” that some people need. But the sea, trees, dunes and small river all give the festival the seaside vibe that stoner rock fans seek. Then the music. Rock music. Loud, heavy, rock music. (TEXT: Emanuel Ferreira – PHOTOS: Miguel de Melo)

This year was the tenth anniversary of the festival. The last couple of years were written off due to travel restrictions, so many bands were keen to get on the lineup again. Every day from 2pm to 4am, stoner and psych rock dominate the party. On the first night — the standard welcome night for campers — four bands played late through the night on stage 3, with an attendance that was beyond expectations.

It all began with a dream for the organizer couple Ricardo and Telma, old true rock fans, and now Rock n’ Roll royalty to the vast sold-out festival fanbase. They single-handedly thought about creating a festival where they could give their friend’s bands a chance to play side by side with some of the biggest headliners only then possible to see live at festivals outside Portugal. Sonic Blast was born. This festival is one where bands keep asking to come back. All that’s needed is a quick browse at old posters’ lineups, and see how often the same names appear over the years. Sometimes, the bands themselves try to stay for the entire duration of the festival.

Now let’s dive into this incredible 10th-anniversary edition in the new site of Praia da Duna dos Caldeiroēs, with a full 3-day gallery by Miguel de Melo…

SONIC BLAST FEST 2023 will take place on August 11-13 in Âncora, North Portugal. More info on their website and Facebook.

Last modified: 20 septembre 2022