The good point with CROWBAR’s new album is that it lives up to the tradition. Crushing, powerful, gloomy with these recognizable sepulchral vocals and subliminal riffs. The minus point, if you must find one, is its predictable, CROWBAR-predictable. Anyway the fans won’t give a damn of that tiny detail, yet the band has never betrayed its spirit for 20 years now…

Beauty at the core of oppression, darkness and sorrow : here are the topics dear to the band. It’s precisely this beauty/violence paradox which enthralls, creating such tortuous and absorbing riffs : slow and oppressive beautiful songs like Isolation (Desperation)I Only Deal In Truth ou Echo An Eternity live up to the tradition, without being a surprise though. Some other songs definitely stand out from the pack because the band, as real sludge masters, knows how to deliver masterpieces their own way (their last album Lifesblood For The Downtrodden was crammed with it). Splendid and stirring Liquid Sky And Cold Black EarthLet Me Mourn and As I Become One and its final solo are simply the best proofs of CROWBAR’s talent.

Windstein’s and Brunson’s guitars get tangled efficiently to electrify us, whether you listen to the more sludgy tracks or the more hardcore ones : as a rider to this, a handful of pure hardcore tracks rise here and there, cleverly laid out at regular intervals. Sever The Wicked Hand, berserk single The Cemetery AngelsProtectors Of The Shrine (filled with addictive riffs, once again) or redemptive Cleanse Me, Heal Me would lead us to think that Kirk has hung more than we thought with his HxC colleague Jamey Jasta. However, it remains badly efficient.

Sever The Wicked Hand is an intelligently built piece-by-piece record ; heavy sludge shots with some hardcore accelerations, all that alternated with still as much majesty. Not to spoil it, in the heart of this well-oiled machine you’ll find a cosmic instrumental break, A Farewell To Misery. Once again CROWBAR produced an all-round and exciting album, in the teeth of the very repetitive aspect of their music, they manage to carry us along with their path and ravish us. Devilishly melancholic, powerfully great, some good job done by Kirk and the guys, once again !

ALBUM : “Sever The Wicked Hand”
RELEASE DATE : February 2011
LABEL : E1 Music
GENRE : Sludge metal
NOTE : ✭✭✭

2010 wasn’t such a cool year for Georgia’s progressive metal band MASTODON, mainly because of guitarist Bill Kelliher’s pancreatitis (presently hitting a lot of rockers) which forced the band to stop some of their touring and postpone the next album recording.

But now everyone is feeling better and they’re back in saddle to give us the best they can give, here’s what MASTODON will be up to in the months to come :

– A LIVE DVD/CD “Live At The Aragon” recorded in 2009 in Chicago, with their album “Crack The Skye” played in its entirety plus some heavy bonuses. It’ll be out on March, 15th. Here’s the complete tracklisting :

‘The Czar’
‘Ghost of Karelia’
‘Crack The Skye’
‘The Last Baron’
‘Circle of Cysquatch’
‘Aqua Dementia’
‘Where Strides The Behemoth’
‘Mother Puncher’
‘The Bit’ (MELVINS cover)

– A few FESTIVAL SHOWS including European €-magnet SONISPHERE, France and England.

– STUDIO RECORDINGS for the next album of the band.

After such an announcement, how couldn’t you be happy ?

I know I’ve been pretty hooked on DOWN news lately, but hey : it’s just one of the most anticipated metal bands in the world !

So yeah, after some concrete infos about every member’s activity, we got fresh and crispy infos about the start of a POSSIBLE TOUR. Ya heard me. A few U.S dates have been planned, it’s the beginning of something beautiful, my friends…

• 3/4/11 – The Hangar – New Orleans, LA
• 3/5/11 – The Cotton Gin – Maxwell, TX
• 3/6/11 – Warehouse Live – Houston, TX
• 3/11/11 – The Hangar – New Orleans, LA
• 4/28/11 – Best Buy Theatre – New York, NY
• 4/29/11 – Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA
• 4/30/11 – Starland Ballroom – Sayreville, NJ

Here’s also what Phil Anselmo said in a recent interview :

“Yeah. Man, there will be a time for DOWN. Matter of fact we had a meeting this past week, and I know Jimmy’s [Bower, drums] gotta go do an EYEHATEGOD tour in February. But after that, I think we’re looking to do some shows starting in March. Maybe local around here, maybe even some Mardi Gras gigs. But yeah, last week we sat around and they played me some new stuff they’re working on, and it sounds good. Sounds like it’s got a lot of promise, and really they just need me in the fuckin’ practice room. So all this is going to happen this year. It has to happen. I know there’s a responsibility here. DOWN has a fan base and they are very, very, very loyal. So I don’t want to let those people down. They deserve some new music, we have it. We’ve demoed other songs, there’s songs that haven’t even been released that people have never heard, so there’s always DOWN there. For all you people out there, don’t you stress. We got the DOWN coming.”


(this was a total fanpost, don’t thread on me…)

Full interview here :

Here’s what DOWN’s members will be doing in the next few months.

What the Down guys are up to, in alphabetical order:

Philip Anselmo will be doing a short tour with his band Arson Anthem
starting Jan 25 with other Housecore Records bands: haarp and Warbeast.
dates are as follows:
Jan. 25 - Spartanburg, SC @ Ground Zero
Jan. 26 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
Jan. 27 - New Orleans, LA @ The Hangar
Jan. 28 - Forth Worth, TX @ Rail Club (VIP tickets sold out)
Jan. 29 - Fayetteville, AR @ Drifters
Jan. 30 - Nashville, TN @ Exit/In
Check out Arson Anthem's latest release Insecurity Noteriety" here:
There are VIP tickets available! See the soundcheck, get a photo with the
band, get a free poster and laminate. Get tickets at ticketmaster or at the
Combine your order and save! Pick yourself up some Down, Pantera, or SJR
gear here:

Jimmy Bower has reported he has recently jammed with his band The Mystick
Krewe Of Clearlight! If you don't know them, check out the cd and read
customer reviews here: Stay tuned for possible show
or recording news!
Jimmy will be touring with EYEHATEGOD in February with a festival date in
France in June.
Feb. 05 - El Corazón - Seattle, WA
Feb. 16 - JBs - Philadelphia, PA
Feb. 17 - Sonar - Baltimore, MD
Feb. 18 - Europa - Brooklyn, NY
Feb. 19 - Lucien's Entertainment Complex - Syracuse, NY
Feb. 20 - Lidos - Boston, MA
Feb. 21 - Daniel St. - Milford, CT 
Feb. 25 - Siberia - New Orleans, LA
Jun. 17 - Val de Moine (Hellfest) - Clisson, France

Rex's band "Arms Of The Sun" is planning an early 2011 release of their
debut album. Become familiar with them!
There’s a great special on Arms Of The Sun shirts now. Help create a buzz
about the band by slapping a shirt on your back for $6.99! Save even more
on shipping when you combine your order with Down and Pantera stuff!

Pepper has been doing some writing and jamming with Down members Jimmy and
Kirk during the break. Hopefully we’ll have a solid update on these
sessions soon.

Kirk is finishing up a tour of the UK with his band Crowbar. Next up is the
Metalliance tour with Helmet and St Vitus! Details here: The new Crowbar album “Sever The Wicked
Hand” comes out Feb 8. Pre-order Sever The Wicked Hand cd here: vinyl here: Check out the new
Crowbar shirt designs here:

More soon!

Thanks, The Management


That is what I call REAL (and concrete) NEWS ! Now let’s look forward some real European tour with Crowbar, Eyehategod and why not some of Rex’s and Phil’s awesome bands ! (personal note to Jesus : Pepper I MISS YOU)

Cheerz & Beerz Liferz :D

Who created one of the most delicious rock albums of the decade, if not ALICE IN CHAINS ? Who managed to reborn from their ashes by rising to a whole new level, if not ALICE IN CHAINS ? Who has just never cared about etiquettes and always played with love -and hate-, as long as it was for their own salvation ? Damn ALICE IN CHAINS.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that the new lineup was a whole new band with a whole new music. That DuVall would never ever fit into Staley’s boots. Seriously, just listen to “Black Gives Way To Blue” from the very first second to the ultimate note, and you shouldn’t have anything negative crossing your mind until another band manages to produce such a monument while carrying such a history. I mean : the death of one of the most powerful and soulful rock singers of these days and ages, how could you still have faith after that ? They survived and got stronger. I could also add they survived the 90’s, to remain the greatest band alive of the lost -grunge- generation.

Talking about greatness, this last album is the shit. From a technical point of view, the production is splendid, the alliance and fair repartition of both vocalists on the tracks is subtle and smart -not too brutal for purists, letting William DuVall show up and finely declare he’s in the building-, the riffs are daaaaaaaangerously toxic and addictive -the Cantrell touch-, and every song makes sense, they just flow together seamlessly. Pure magic.

Some kind of renewal ? They had no choice and it was the smartest direction to adopt. Nevertheless the darkness still remains, although the scope of topics has widened with maturity and life experiences. Dark, mesmerizing, powerful, a moment of pure grace. Ladies and gents, this is ALICE IN CHAINS and they’re back for better.

A friend of mine once said “Alice In Chains is all about taking everything in the world that’s ugly and making it beautiful ». I certainly wouldn’t have found better words to define them.

We’ve been called grunge, hard rock, heavy metal, alternative – everything they can think of. We’re Alice In Chains and there’s nobody like us. »

What would you expect with such a name ? A chick dressed like Laura Ingalls along with her four butcher sons as a backup country band ? Not exactly : let’s rather figure six bearded boys from Birmingham -Alabama, USA- who’re damned decided to wreak havoc and give heart attacks to the pigs ! Already armed with two good albums, Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster took out their artillery again and released “III”. Menu.

Let’s get started with some country jams and a few birdsongs… then the machine starts with a whack load of slick heavy rock : here’s the first track Waiting On My Deathbed which energy is 100% in contradiction with the title of the song. All the way through their 11 awesome tracks, the band shows its unwavering determination and provides us hard rock songs (Last Train ComingNo Good Son, Listen Close) led by their singer/yeller which voice slightly reminds HELL YEAH’s Chad Gray. Sometimes they also deliver southern metal tracks customized with a bit of banjo (Step Up (I’m On It), The Old Iron Hills, Settling Scores To The Bridge), or even metalcore hints to hit even harder (Just A Shock)… It takes more than you’d think to be a son of disaster !

Two noticeable tracks for they’re surprising : the explosive Oh Lonely Grave starts as cool as a typical americana song but then BAM ! It’s going crazy, puzzling but oh so delightful within a second; then The End Is Here…The End Is Beautiful, finally gives us some time to lay back a lil bit and enjoy the folk instrumental ballad. Been kicking up our heels so hard that we can’t help a blissful smile on our faces right now…

This album is imbued with an uncorrupted southern personality, led by a fiery youth that knows how to mix all these ingredients and get you right into the fields… not in order to carry a goat around attached to a shabby rope but to headbang and party like hell. MAYLENE & THE SONS OF DISASTER staged a fast and blunt musical hold-up, let’s now hope that it’ll make its way through Europe so they could descend upon our far-off lands… The trash grandchildren of LYNYRD SKYNYRD ? Definitely.

RELEASE DATE : June 2009
LABEL : Ferret Music
GENRE : Southern metal / Hard rock / Metalcore

Because it’s essential to start new year with a maximum of energy and motivation, I let you enjoy the song that’s gonna get you out of your winter torpor…

Louisiana sludge band CROWBAR are about to release their new album “Sever The Wicked Hand” on February 8th, so they gave us some heavyweight burgers to put under our teeth before it’s officially out… And it literally kicks ass! Special mention to Kirk in a hoodie, gotta love it. Here’s the first extract, The Cemetery Angels

Heavy and rough sludge, exactly what we need to prepare ourselves before the daily morning rush…
See you soon for more CROWBAR news, fuckerz !

There is also a chance to discover bands who like to blend different cultures : add some traditional sound to your distorted guitar, inhale oriental fumes, open up to music and let yourself go with creativity…

An amazing band I just discovered on the Web : SMALLMAN

And this :

In the end,  your feet won’t touch the ground anymore…

It’s relaxing, it gets you high, it sometimes reminds TOOL or our Armenian friend SERJ TANKIAN, anyway it’s cool.

Sleep well my friends…

Eh oui on le scrute depuis quelques semaines déjà, le site du Festival SONISPHERE version 2011 a pointé le bout de son nez et une nouvelle notable a été au coeur des débats : le SONISPHERE débarque en France, motherfuckaz !

Bah voui, deux éditions déjà et aucune trace de la France dans le parcours européen du fest, et pourtant tous nos voisins y avaient eu droit ! On ne l’attendait plus, aussi parce que le Hellfest est LE festival métal en France, et que les conflits d’intérêt auraient pu être une raison de plus pour qu’il ne passe pas par ici… Mais on se trompait !

Bon comme d’hab, on est à la ramasse donc on attendra encore un poil pour savoir OÙ exactement il aura lieu chez nous (un certain Père Noël rock parle déjà d’Amnéville)… En attendant plus de réjouissance, je vous annonce déjà LA surprise de ce soir :

LE BIG FOUR EST DE RETOUR AU SONISPHERE, pour l’édition britannique de Knebworth, le 8 juillet 2011… WHAT !


Comme je vous l’annonçais il y a quelques jours, SLIPKNOT sera de la partie pour le 3ème jour à Knebworth (et BIFFY CLYRO le 2è jour, c’est une tête d’affiche, ça ?), et très sûrement sur pas mal d’autres dates du Soni, alors … QUE VA NOUS RESERVER CETTE 1ERE EDITION FRANCAISE…?

A très vite… ^^

Just yesterday I was listening to one of my fave bands, SLIPKNOT, and particularly to this very beautiful bonus song on their latest album “All Hope Is Gone”, Til We Die. Whereas I don’t usually pay much attention to lyrics, these ones got me, so due to the recent things the band had to go through, I decided to quote and comment…

My friends are all hurting from moments and regrets and charity laced with a lie

And still we keep hoping, to fix all the defects and strengthen these seminal ties
We go on together for better or worse, our history is to real to hate
Now and forever we stay until morning, and promise to fight for our fate

‘Til we die

The start of the journey is every bit worth it, I can let you down anymore
The sky is still clearing, we’re never afraid and the consequence opens the door
I’ve never stopped trying, I’ve never stopped feeling like family is much more than blood
Don’t go on without me, the piece that I represent complements each and every one

‘Til we die
We won’t be forgotten, we’ll never give in
This war we’ve acheived has allowed us to win
‘Til we die
My last true confession will open your eyes, I’ve never know trust like the nine
Let it be spoken, let it be screamed, they’ll never ever take us alive

‘Til we die
We won’t be forgotten, we’ll never give in
This war we’ve acheived has allowed us to win
Carry on
We’ll never be broken, we won’t be denied, our war is the pressure we need to deny…

“The nine” simply represents the 9 bastards, the 9 members of SLIPKNOT, la famiglia so to speak. This song is all simply a tribute to friendship, to the fraternity that has bound the band members for 20 years now. This part of the song gave me shivers, especially when he says “They’ll never ever take us alive” I told myself “dammit one of them was already taken, I wish they wouldn’t take another in a while”. If you try to think of it, these words now resound like a prophecy…


A few months ago I was talking about SLIPKNOT’s possible hiatus after Gray’s death, I thought they would take a break and focus on their side-projects. They didn’t : SLIPKNOT will be back on the road this summer to attend the European Sonisphere on more than one and only date (they’ve been announced as headliners on several dates). Moreover they’ll play at Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium and at Rock In Rio.

Although I’m pretty pleased of this undetermined return to work, it’s a bit confusing as they told they wouldn’t do anything with SLIPKNOT for now, no gigs but probably just recordings done without the help of another bass player, only played by the band members who could handle it right. It was “Paul Gray or nothing”.

Will there be a bass player on stage ? If it’s the case, who will it be ? One of the two drums (Shawn ?) ? A ghost member who’ll temporarily take #2’s place ?

They declared playing “in honor of his death” or more like “to celebrate his life”, I think they rushed on the first occasion they had to relaunch the business.

Let just hope they’ll rock the show…