Pete Green Author

Pun sorcerer, metaphor conjurer and experienced gibberish curtailer. Will be found near the front fighting for good quality beer, heavy riffage and visibility of anything on stage.

SLEEP revisit “The Clarity” (12” EP, Southern Lord 2017)


Most bands simply wouldn’t get away with re-releasing the one new song they’ve mustered from their creative pores in over twenty years onto a super sexy, luxury vinyl pressing...

SUPERJOINT “Caught Up In The Gears Of Application” (Housecore Records 2016)


One of the things I find most curious about SUPERJOINT‘s third record, their first in over a decade, is the title itself. “The overall theme means many things, or no...

ASTEROID “III” (Fuzzorama Records 2016)


That’s the thing with space travel; take a couple of days off to hurtle around the cosmos and you can quite easily get lost up there for a few years. Örebro, Sweden’s...

DRORE “Tapeone” (Rad Nauseam Records/Lonely Linda Records 2016)


DRORE are a band. A new band. A new band from Oxford, UK. They’ve got a tape out. Yeah, it’s an actual tape. Deal with it. Well, I should say it WAS out. Then it sold out. It...